About This Site

Hi and Welcome to Total Grace – God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense!

My name is Leonard John Ransil

This site dedicated to sharing about the lavish Grace of Father-God, expressed through Jesus’ Finished Work of FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION of the WHOLE WORLD to Himself, which He accomplished at Calvary – from God’s point of view – according to 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.

All that remains for each person is to CHOOSE to be reconciled to God – by receiving His gift of grace through faith in what Jesus did for you and me, as declared in verse 20.  How? By being born again, this time of God Himself – spelled out in Romans 10:9-13.

When you believe and receive God’s good news of salvation, you instantly become a New Creation in God’s eyes. But that is just the beginning of a personal relationship with our living God. This site will explore the glorious implications of this Divine Exchange with Jesus – mankind’s second and final representative from God’s viewpoint. All this is best described and explained in the Gospel of Jesus Christ revealed directly to Paul – which he called “my gospel.”

In my blogs, I will be sharing insights from the Bible and from my books and songs and from other authors that explain the wonderful benefits of Jesus’ Blood Covenant that He made with our Father for us. You can find much more of what I will be sharing gathered together in a collection of three books rolled into one, entitled: Is There An Elephant In YOUR Church? published by Amazon – in print and on Kindle. It is about time we declare unequivocally just how AMAZING is the revelation of God’s Total Grace-based New Covenant for all reborn saints in Christ.